Dec 28, 2018 12:01 AM
James Thornton


The Sun Belt College League of Tucson a growing summer college baseball destination is reaching out to the Southern Arizona community for Host Families who can provide housing for players that will be coming to Tucson from out of state for a period from May 28 to July 20.

A vital part of the summer college baseball season is to have host families provide housing for players, giving them support and a family atmosphere for the summer.

These young student athletes will have a positive influence in our community and in your home.  A large majority of summer college leagues throughout the nation have Host Family programs that has evolved into long term friendships with the players they have welcomed into their homes and have enjoyed watching their players progress in their lives on and off the field.

Only one (1) player will be assigned a Host Family, unless the Host Family wishes to host an additional player.  This is strictly optional by the Host Family—not a requirement.

The players requiring housing pay a housing fee to the league $500.00 that in turn goes directly to the Host Family to help assist in some of the expenses incurred during the player’s stay.

If you are interested in being a Host Family to a college player this summer, complete the online application and submit it to the league. A league representative will be in touch with you upon receipt.

While in Tucson, these young players (average age range of 18-21) stay in the homes of local host families.  The players are not paid therefore they will require affordable living while they are far from their home.  Host families will make it possible for the Sun Belt College League to recruit the best players from across the country to play on teams in the league with our local players from Southern Arizona.


  • Provide living accommodations which include: a bed, a clean environment, and a positive family atmosphere.A player should have access to comfortable living environment throughout the home, including a working clean restroom facility.While these do not have to be private non-shared accommodations the player needs to feel comfortable living in the areas of your home.
  • Access to meals/food in the home.
  • Access to in-home laundry facilities.
  • Transportation is NOT a host family responsibility.The players will be arriving with their own transportation.
  • Players must be able to come and from the home according to their game schedule.


  • Positive family entertainment.
  • Role model for host family children.
  • Opportunity to know and meet players and families from across the nation.
  • Lifelong friendships.
  • Costs associated with hosting a player are tax deductible.
  • Season passes issued to the Host Family to come and support their player at every Sun Belt College League game.



What happens if a host family goes on vacation?

          Once a family gets to know their players, they often choose to let the player continue to live at the home during the vacation period.  If the family is not comfortable with this option, the Sun Belt College League will place the player at another host family’s home for the vacation period.

When do the players arrive and how long do they stay?

          The players are to arrive on May 28, however some players may be playing with their college team in their post-season, therefore they may arrive later.  The league will run until July 20.  If a team does not make the league post-season championship rounds, the player may leave earlier.

Do all the players have their own transportation?

          Majority of players will travel to Tucson with their own vehicles.  In the event a player does not have his own transportation, the player will be placed in a host family home that is close to a host family where the player has transportation.  Under no circumstances should a player use a host family’s private vehicle(s).

Player Conduct?

          Players that will be coming to Tucson are coming with a purpose of getting development and improvement in their playing skill sets.  These players are of the highest skilled level and are very well disciplined.  However, if some reason, the player and family are not a good fit, the Sun Belt College League will immediately move the player to another host family.  The league provides the players with a Conduct Contract that they read and sign that states that any negative conduct behavior issues, the player will immediately be sent home.

Do the players seek employment?

          Some players may seek employment during their stay in Tucson, others may work out during the day, go to indoor hitting cages, or just rest from playing the night before.

Is there a Player conduct contract?

          Yes.  Before a player is placed in a Host Family there will be a contract that outlines the expectations, standards, respect of property, behavior, medical/health plan information before the player is assigned a Host Family.  The Host Family will receive a copy of the player contract.

Is there a medical waiver/authorization?

Yes, as part of the player registration application to play in the league, there is a statement that the player agrees to and understands about giving authorization to the league, Host Families in the event medical treatment is required to be given.  A copy of the waiver and authorization will be given to the Host Family.

Are Players required to pay for their own items during their stay?

Yes, Players are required to for their own items and any expenses they incur during their stay.   Per NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA athlete eligibility regulations, players are not permitted to ask or accept from their Host Family of any type of monetary funds, gifts or compensation.

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